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Godrej Modular Kitchen

Innovation has become a part of our lives, in today's world, meaning nothing but 'Modern.' With innovation, modern day kitchen welcomes modern ideas, complementary design features along with vibrant colours and shapes. This has also led to simplification of form, to suit any kitchen shape and design, through addition of individual elements, to form a seamless whole. Modular design, leading to Godrej's Modular Kitchens and wardrobes, to suit every conceivable need.

Basics on designing a kitchen:

The three important vector points of a Kitchen are the Refrigerator, the Hob/Cook Top and the Sink, as a person has to constantly move between these elements, during the cooking process. Consequently,the first step in kitchen design calls for awareness of placement of these units.

The 26 ft rule for designing a kitchen, keeps in mind the ideal placement of these units i.e if a virtual triangle is drawn from the centre of these units, the perimeter of the triangle should be no more than 26 ft., and not less than 12 ft for dexterous ease. This ensures that all gadgets and consumables are close at hand, leading to efficient movement, and ease of cooking.

Every Kitchen can be broadly divided into wet and dry areas. The wet areas are where the washing is done and the dry areas are where the cooking is done. Separation of the wet and dry areas, ensures hygiene is maintained, and post cooking clean-up no longer remains a chore.

Types Of Kitchen

U Type Kitchen

U shaped modular kitchens are the perfect fit for big spaces. It is the most efficient work layout which provides
excellent storage space with plenty of wall and floor kitchen cabinetsas well as more counter space. It is ideal for family homes, and for someone who spends more than half of the day in the kitchen.

L Type Kitchen

This is one of the most widely used layouts for small spaces. The minimum floor space is brilliantly used. These kitchen layouts are also optimally used for open kitchens and are best for nuclear families or individuals.

Straight Type Kitchen

This layout is best suited for studio or loft apartments. It also maintains optimum work-flow efficiency while keeping storage the main focus. However, it is not the best design if you are looking for maximum storage. It is compact, versatile and works for both small as well as large kitchen spaces.

Parrallel Type Kitchen

Nothing beats the parallel layout. The layout is designed in a way that it has two parallel working space. While one of the platforms can be used as a cooking counter with the hobs etc., the other counter can have the washing area thus keeping the dirty dishes away from the main area. It also offers ample space to store appliances and other kitchen utensils. If you want a large kitchen space, it the best of the lot unless you want an island as well.

Island Kitchen

It gives a contemporary style and modern touch to the kitchen. It combines straight line or L-shaped kitchen design with unconnected island top, that is why the name, “Island”. The counter can be used for having breakfast, lunch or dinner, and can become an ideal space to engage kids in fun and interactive cooking activities. You can either install a sink, stove or just leave it blank. This plan is great for open kitchen layouts and offers ample space to entertain guests as well.


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