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The Homemaker’s Triangle – An ideal workflow

The three main working points in a kitchen are the cooktop, the sink and the refrigerator. These work points and the imaginary line between them makes up what experts call the “Homemaker's triangle”, lending to an ergonomic kitchen.

Positioning these three points not too far or too close to each other is the trick to laying out a perfectly functional kitchen. 20 feet between the lines and 3 feet between the working points makes for an the ideal distance.

If you aren’t sure whether you can fit an ergonomic or triangular kitchen in your home, worry not! The Homemaker’s triangle can be effectively achieved through different layouts, according to the shape of the room and your personal preferences

Work Zones – Simplifying the Homemaker’s life

When you are deciding where to put the various appliances and cabinets in relation to each other, it can be very helpful to think in terms of work zones. This approach, focuses on function rather than the placement of objects, meaning you will end up with an efficient, functional and ergonomic kitchen. 

The three primary work zones are: storage (fridge, freezer and dry storage), cooking (cooktop, oven and microwave) and washing (sink, drying rack and dishwasher). The right placements within these zones are crucial to achieving an ergonomic Homemaker’s triangle, with a natural workflow.

Some basic tips to consider when planning an ergonomic kitchen work zone:


  • Preparation Zone

    Stores various kitchen tools and food items that are required for food preparation.

  • Appliance & Peripherals Zone

    Stores all the major and minor appliances including refrigerator, microwave and dishwasher.

  • JOHNNY W Cooking Zone

    Consists of primary appliances like cooking hob, chimney and utensils.

  • JOHNNY W Cleaning Zone

    Consists of the sink, utensil cleaning equipment and disposal/ garbage units.

  • JOHNNY W Consumable Storage Zone

    Stores all food items right from cereals & grains to ready-to-eat packets.

  • JOHNNY W Display Zone

    Place to keep display items like planters & vases to enhance kitchen ambience.

  • JOHNNY W China & Cutlery Zone

    Stores both frequently and rarely used cutlery.

  • JOHNNY W Serving Zone

    Space dedicated for enjoying a relaxed meal.

Common kitchen layouts

In most cases, the size and shape of your room determines what kitchen layout you will need to choose, as some layouts may suit your needs and living conditions better than others. Illustrating how to ideally plan your work zones, here are five common kitchen layouts along with their key characteristics.

Single-line kitchen

Standard post with photo A single-line kitchen where the Homemaker’s triangle is reduced to a straight line will be the most practical solution where working space is most scarce.

Single-line with island

Standard post with photo Giving you plenty of storage as well as extra surfaces to work with, the single-line kitchen incorporates an island, which requires at least 3 ft of free space to work well.

L-shaped kitchen

Standard post with photo Ergonomic and ideal for when you wish to add a small dining table or kitchen island, the Lshaped kitchen is a great way to make the most out of a corner, as well as to integrate the kitchen into a dining area.

U-shaped kitchen

Standard post with photo Ideal if you’ve got a large room to work with, the U-shaped layout is ergonomic, gives you a lot of space and plenty of storage options to integrate — ensuring everything is within easy reach. In the case of a very large room, make sure that the points of the Homemaker’s triangle is not too far from each another.

Parallel kitchen

Standard post with photo Geared towards easy preparation of food, the parallel kitchen is ergonomic and provides two great work surfaces and storage areas on opposing sides; a favorite of many professional chef’s around the world.


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